We are belly dancers of color who want to facilitate and fund festivals that celebrate belly dancers from the diaspora. Our mission is to inspire dancers to embrace their inner and outer beauty and celebrate themselves through performance and self-expression. We do not host competitions but rather stage shows, teaching opportunities and panel discussions.
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Asmara will be holding a free group therapy session centered around healing and thriving within our dance community for and about BIPOC dancers. With all that is currently happening we could all use a safe space to come together and receive mental health support with a focus on navigating and creating healthy ways of coping with issues that are specific to us in this community. We will be hosting two guest speakers that will be providing their knowledge and expertise in these areas.

Introducing Amma Gyamfowa, a Ghanaian womanist, mental health therapist, and registered social worker. Engaged in the field of social work for the last 8 years, her work has been rooted in supporting women, survivors of gender-based violence, and perse Black and racialized communities across Greater Toronto Area.

Amma's Asmara Healing Session involves:

Responding to Racial Trauma through Embodied Healing
• Exploration of collective experiences in relation to challenges presented to group
• Impact of racial trauma
• Embodied healing and somatic responses
• Community and collective hea

Mi-a-sia \My-Asia \ n.: A dancer, bone/tarot reader and storyteller, Miasia’s passion for healing has followed her throughout her life, but intensified through the pandemic. A performer, trainer and workshop instructor of Egyptian and Turkish Dance of over 24 years, Miasia began studying African Traditional Religion during the pandemic as a way to connect further with her ancestors. In December when stricken with an unexplained illness, Miasia delved deeper into her spiritual practice and decided to dedicate herself to healing fulltime. Utilizing her skills as a dancer, coupled with the numerous healing modalities she has studied over the years, Miasia helps guide you to the healing which is inside your own body. 

Miasia can be reached at Miasia@miasia.orghttps://www.facebook.com/miasia/ and https://www.instagram.com/miasia_dances

Miasia's Asmara Healing Session involves:
We will begin with Miasia sharing her eventful life experiences in healing and moving forward, followed by a storytelling session with movement to ease your Mind, Body, and Soul. Have a comfortable place to lie down, as Miasia will conclude the event with a relaxing sound bath. 

There will be a presentation by both of our esteemed speakers, a panel discussion, and a time for Q&A where you can ask questions specific to you and what you might be personally struggling with in this art form. Topics will include:

• Exploration of collective experiences in relation to challenges presented to group
• Impact of racial trauma
• Embodied healing and somatic responses
• Community and collective healing

We will be closing out with a sound bowl healing session as well.

Unfortunately, we will not have a recording available for viewing later but we do encourage you to please come if you can. If you have any questions that you would like answered feel free to drop them below in the comments section in the registration from so we can provide them to our guest speakers in advance.

Once again this session is free and we encourage you to please attend and NEVER stop dancing!

REGISTER LINK: http://www.justbellydance.com/events/view/asmara-healing-session

Registration closes June 27 @ 10am and links will be emailed within 24 hours before the event.

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